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Avail the various types of Murrah Buffalo, Dairy Murrah Buffalo, Indian Sahiwal Cow, Pure Murrah Buffalo, Indian Murrah Buffalo, etc.

New Arrivals

Indian Murrah Buffalo
100000.0 INR/Unit
1 Number, Number, Number
Dairy Farm Murrah Buffalo
100000.0 INR/Unit
1 Number
Pure Murrah Buffalo
100000.00 INR/Unit
1 Number
HF Cows
40000 INR/Unit
Any Order Unit/Units, ,
Best Breed Murrah Buffalo
60000 INR/Unit
Any Order Unit/Units
Black Breed Murrah Buffalo
100000.0 INR/Unit
1 Number, Number, Number
About Us

The continually growing demand for goods associated with dairy is subsequently increasing the requirement for animals like buffalo & cows and we, Aggarwal Dairy Farm we have been fulfilling them from a long time. Back in the year of 1980 we had initiated our operations as a supplier and trader of many different breeds of dairy based animals. Black Breed Murrah Buffalo, Best Breed Murrah Buffalo, Pure Murrah Buffalo, Dairy Farm Murrah Buffalo, etc., are included in our broad selection and customers can avail them at fairly reasonable costs in comparison to the other companies in the market. Moreover, over the decades, we have gained a great level of prominence among the clients as we maintain the most ethical business values while treating them in our company.

Why Us?

The fierce rivalry in the already competitive dairy industry can be a struggle for some companies to increase the reach of their business. On the other hand, our company was still able to achieve so because of the uniqueness in our business conducting ways. In addition, some of the following criteria have been helping us to differentiate ourselves from the audience in the marketplace:

  • We ensure that the expectations of customers are correctly interpreted and addressed.
  • We have always worked hard to increase our popularity by maintaining the best quality standards.
  • We offer our portfolio at the lowest possible cost relative to others in the market.
  • We guarantee that all orders are fulfilled within the committed time span.    

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfaction of customers is always an important aspect that a business enterprise is expected to ensure to get more preferred by the customers in the marketplace. Equally, we, Aggarwal Dairy Farm have put all our attempts into ensuring customer satisfaction. For this, we accurately recognize what the needs of the customers are and provide them with the most optimal solutions. In fact, we have always been appreciative by the clients for providing them with the highest quality of our dairy cattle, such as Pure Murrah Buffalo, Black Breed Murrah Buffalo, Dairy Farm Murrah Buffalo, Best Breed Murrah Buffalo and many more. We also ensure that our business conducting methods with clients are also rational in order to satisfy them in all possible ways.
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